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Sebayur Kecil
We had another top rated dive off the north cost of Sebayur Island. Our entry point was 25 meters off a white sand beach. The beach is marked by a clump of three trees, and is next to the highest point on the island.

The reef top sits just 4-5 meters from the surface, and from here a nice wall, covered with corals and sponges, drops to sandy bottom at 25-30 meters.

Underwater we headed east then followed the reef as it curved south. Visibility was excellent, more then 25 meters. (Note: We also tried this site in the winter, and found visibility reduced to 1.5 meters). As we began our descent, we met a group of Napoleon wrasse, and schools of striped bristletooth tangs. Reef fishes, puffers, butterfly fish, and others were plentiful. We also spotted a very large giant grouper, but it quickly hid in a deep cave.

At one point we surprised an absolutely beautiful juvenile pinate batfish, fringed with bright orange. This bright coloration is thought to mimic a tonic flatworm, affording the young fish some protection from predators. This one was not very confident, however, and peered out at us from a coral niche.

Another interesting site in this area is off a rock outcrop just west of about the middle of Sebayor Besar called Barusa Saha. The bottom here is just sand and coral rubble, but there are more stingrays here than just about anywhere else we have seen. At one point, a synchronized flight of more dozen of the animals took off from the sand, very dramatic sight indeed.