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Sabolan Kecil
Sabolan kecil ("little Sabolan") and its partner island, Sabolan Besar ("Big sabolan") are north of Labuhanbajo, just a bit west of the large island of Seraya Besar. Just east of Sabalon Kecil, heading toward Sabalon Besar, are two sea mounds, a site called "Wally's Shark Bank". The first, and the larger of the two, starts about 18 meters, and continues down to the sand bottom at 35 meters. The second is much smaller, and rises just 5-10 meters from the bottom.

Hard coral cover here is minimal, but there are lots of soft corals, and some very large gorgonians. The reason to dive here, however, is for the fish life, particularly sharks. Work your way down to the valley between two mounds and pause for a while to watch the white-tips, silver tips and black tips.

The most exciting, particularly when the visibility is marginal, are the constantly circling and usually slightly irritated grays. If you don't make too much commotion there is large sponge across the sand bottom here, and you will see a very large colony of garden eels.

Like just about everywhere around Komodo, condition here very widely, and visibility, especially near the top of the first mound, can be absolutely soupy from plankton. It always clears out as you get deeper, and once the visibility at depth was more then 25 meters.