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This site is identified by a tiny pinnacle, just off the southern tip of a small island east of Padar's southern point. In honor of its designation on our old Dutch map we call it "Pillar Rock".
The best plan conditions willing is to drop off the southern-most point of the pinnacle and head west. The structure here is wonderful, with huge chunks of rock broken up by caves and channels, canyons, and chimneys. The rugged underwater topography continues to 50-60 meters. There are good caves at about 40 meters, and at 16 meters. Visibility, in the winter, averaged about 10-12 meters here.

The fish life is first rate, with large groups of medium-sized schooling fish, such as fusiliers, sweetlips and surgeonfish, as well as sharks, and a big Mobula ray. In areas, antipatharian wire corals grow out horizontally 4-5 meters from the rock, and the variety of soft corals and gorgonians here excellent.

In places we saw sea apples, squat, plankton feeding sea cucumbers that are unbelievably bright red and purple. This is a world-class site.

Heading east from the point, the structure is not as interesting, but there is a nice shallow area that makes a good safety or decompres-sion stop.