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January 2007
ADVENTURE H2o - News Letter

Greetings from Raja Ampat, W. Papua - Indonesia!

As promised, we're keeping you updated with our monthly NEWS LETTER.

As mentioned in our DECEMBER ISSUE, Adventure H2o is diving year round now!
Take a look at our 2007/2008 Schedule & itineraries.

Adventure Komodo just had an extensive re-fit in Australia!! New carpets were installed in all cabins and salon, re-designed sofas with white Italian leather, upgrading Crew quarters & galley. Engines were completely overhauled in advance of the normal requirements.

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>> DIVING & Exploration NEWS from the “FRONT”
A nice addition to our website has been Larry’s diary of his dive adventures. Embarking for a great journey, Larry, Crew and Guests sailed from Sorong to further explore the remote Western side of Papua, down to FakFak, Triton Bay & Namatotte Island.

>> We discovered 3 new pristine dive sites near FakFak alone!! Encountering fantastic scenery as the “ Blue Water Mangroves” of West Misool – a maze of mangrove lined channels, some with hidden lagoons. Great photo subjects such as multi-colored soft corals & black corals, as well as a Juvenal giant Queensland grouper, archer & diamond fish.

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Sailing down the Papua coast to explore, all agreed, that this pristine, lush and un-discovered region is the absolute best diving, they have ever experienced.

>> FAKFAK: The primary destination for this voyage offers remote and stunningly beautiful bays & channels. Ancient mysterious rock art has decorated the cliffs for thousands of years.

Diving we saw "Spike" the sea cucumber, white tip reef sharks, sea turtles, huge ornate ghost pipe fish and lush black coral forests. But the most remarkable feature of this site was the amazing number of invertebrates!

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photo for larger image

Another small Island had a giant Queensland grouper, a wall lush with black coral, huge sea turtles and a resident Napoleon Wrass. In addition to all the marine life Dr. Erdmann recorded, we observed a wonderpus, huge white tailed stingrays & beautiful nudibranch. FakFak is extremely rich in marine life!

>> Triton Bay: One of the highlights on this trip – but we have to keep some of our newly discovered dive sites a secret. Diving in this area was as good as we had expected! Encountering multiple wobbygongs, one with a giant moray eel living with it! We found a site with an abundance of amazing soft corals like no one had ever seen! A new species of lion fish that Conservation International discovered a few months ago was also encountered by our guests on this fabulous journey.

>> Last, but not least, we are welcoming HENDRY to our Team in support of our Sales & Marketing Department.

Best wishes from all of us & hope to welcome you soon on one of our incredible DIVE ADVENTURES!

The Adventure H2o Team
- Adventure H2o

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