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Komodo is unique because it offers two totally different marine environments. In the north we experience the warm clear waters that flow from the Flores and Banda seas. Typical of most tropical locations throughout the world. The hard coral reefs are extensive and in pristine condition. To the south, we encounter cooler waters that flow from deep in the Indian Ocean. It is not unusual to encounter whales, whale sharks, mantas, sunfish and other planktonic feeders during dives on the southern sites. Upwelling, caused by deep ocean currents colliding with the continental shelf force an endless supply of planktonic food towards the surface resulting in a rich coral gardens and an exceptional quantity of marine life. The confluence of these two distinct marine ecospheres is responsible for the remarkable diversity found in the waters of Komodo.
The waters that surround the island are turbulent and teeming with unparalleled marine life. A marine reserve, it is largely undocumented and remains largely unexplored. During our last voyage to Komodo we discovered several additional world class dive sites which were added to our list of many. The dives boasted schooling hammerheads and large schools of pelagic fish.
The park includes 132,000 ha of marine waters. It is one of the richest areas for coral biodiversity in Indonesia and one of the richest fish faunas in the world with an estimated 1000 species. On the reef the vibrant colour quantity of exotic fish life is spectacular. Riding the waterways are endless schools of pelagic fish, manta rays, whales, dolphins, even the occasional dugong. Below, the seabed is covered with a thick carpet of florescent corals and marine invertebrates - an underwater photographers paradise. The seas surrounding the park boil with feeding fish and marine mammals.
Strong currents and upwellings transport nutrient-rich waters throughout the Park's marine area and help support a wealth of biodiversity. The number and variety of islands coupled with a wide range of environmental conditions, such as wind exposure, current and wave action, result in a high diversity of coastal and marine habitats, including coral reefs, vertical walls, protected bays, rocky shores, sea grass beds, sandy bays and mangroves. Rapid Ecological Assessments in 1994 and 1995 showed that KNP belongs to the world's richest and most diverse marine environments.
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You will find some of the most exciting diving in the world in the area around Komodo and Rinca. The boat anchors just off great cliffs of black basalt, which are constantly pounded by sheets of blue water. Just offshore are scattered rocks and outcroppings. There is an almost eerie look to some of the summits. They are black and angular, and their bases are undercut by the action of the seas, reminding one of the statues at Easter Island. The roughness of the surface is a little daunting, but things calm down considerably once you are down about 10 meters.
Underwater, the black cliffs continue, cut by huge chasms and in places split into huge, rectangular blocks, like undersea buildings. The black rock provides a dramatic black drop to the colorful encrusting growth of gorgonians and corals, and the rugged terrain is unlike just about any other tropical reef in the world.
Healthy growths of hard corals boulders, the tangled branches of staghorn coral, table corals and many other forms decorate the occasional protected coves and the shallow tops of the undersea cliffs. On the sheer drop-offs as well as in the caves and crevasses the rock is covered by a solid mat of bright yellow cup corals, multi colored gorgonians and countless varieties of soft coral. A photographer trying to steady himself with his left hand cannot find enough unoccupied space for even a single finger.
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