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A bout I ndonesia
Indonesia is an archipelago of serene and soothing islands with beautiful landscapes, wonderful coral islands, incredible marine life and enchanting people. For many centuries the people of Indonesia have preserved ancient traditions and a natural convergence of harmony. They are always ready to provide a warm welcome and a generous measure of hospitality towards visitors.

The over 18,500 islands of Indonesia cover more than seven million square kilometers of ocean. The beaches are made of sands from every imaginable color from white to orange to black. Along these beaches are some of the best surfing spots in the world. The waters around Indonesia are as diverse as the islands themselves. Beneath these waters divers find such an abundance of coral, fish and other marine delights that they feel a dream has come true.

And with every island visited a new dream is produced even better than the one before. Further away from the islands game fishermen can enjoy their sport in the clean unspoiled beauty of the Pacific or Indian Oceans. For the eco-tourist discover the variety of flora and fauna in the thriving and dynamic jungles, or see the birds-eye views from the tops of the many volcanoes or just get swept away by the beauty of the reefs around Indonesia. Since many of these islands are isolated and very far from the main tourist hotels they are only accessible by boat with live-aboard capabilities. Getting to the archipelago is very easy with Indonesia's international flight connections and domestic airline network. And now achieving the adventure trip of a lifetime in the most diverse ecosystem in the world is even easier with Indonesia Adventure's luxurious charters and world-class service.




















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