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Gili Motang
The south face of Gili Motang, which sits between Florest and Southern Rinca, blocking the molo Strait, offers sites with good coral growth, nice bommies and chunks of rock, and seasonal pelagics like whale sharks and mantas. But our favorite site is in the north: "Apple Orchard".

This spot is literally covered with the colorful filter-feeding sea cucumbers called sea apples (pseudocolchirus violaceus). Blood red or purple, and with contrasting white or yellow radial stripes are rarely seen, and nowhere have we seen so many in one place.The other invertebrates here unusual nudibranchs, plentiful soft corals, strange, bright blue compound stalked tunicates rival temperate waters in their color intensity.

The site, working west from the tip of Montang's small northern peninsula, offers rich coral growth in the shallows at top, and then a nice rock slope down to about 25-30 meters. Visibility, like most of the area, varies, but is usually around 12 meters or so, plenty for the up-close experience the site offers. This is an excellent place for macro photography.