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F akFak / BHS

FAKFAK, Birds Head Seascape (BHS) & TRITON

General Information

Discoveries of hugely diverse fish and coral species in this Indonesian archipelago have amazed researchers. The Bird's Head region near FakFak in Papua “may be the most biologically diverse in all of THE Oceans”, say Scientists from Conservation International (CI).

Adventure H2o is among the first Operators to offer diving and exploring this prime region’s dive spots on the luxury Adventure Komodo Liveaboard.Dubbed Asia's "Coral Triangle,'' the area is home to more than 1,200 species of fish and almost 600 species of reef-building coral… or 75% of the worlds known total!

In September 2006 Scientists claimed to have discovered 52 new species, including 24 new species of fish, 20 new species of coral and eight new species of shrimp. Combing through the undersea wonders off the Indonesia's Papua province, they had discovered dozens of new species, including a shark that walks on its fins (the Epaulette shark) and a shrimp that looks like a praying mantis. Conservation International announced, that papers on two of the new fish species, (called flasher wrasse, because of the bright colors the male exhibits during mating) have been accepted for publication to the Aqua Journal of Ichthyology & Aquatic Biology.

Adventure H2o lead an exploration dive cruise over Christmas & New Year 2007 to BHS, Triton Bay & FAKFAK. Larry Smith, our Cruise Director and diving legend himself, was joined by many experts on this area as Dr. Kal Muller. THREE NEW pristine dive sites near FakFak were discovered on this dive trip alone!!

Encountering fantastic scenery while sailing, as the “Blue Water Mangroves” of West Misool – a maze of mangrove lined channels, some with hidden lagoons & great photo subjects such as multi-colored soft corals & black corals, as well as a Juvenal giant Queensland grouper, archer & diamond fish. This pristine, lush and un-discovered region is the absolute best diving someone could ever experience!

Soft Corals
Epaulette Shark
:: FAKFAK & Birds Head Seascape > The primary destination of this voyage offers remote and stunningly beautiful bays & channels. Ancient mysterious rock art has decorated the cliffs for thousands of years. Diving offers everything from white tip reef sharks, to sea turtles, huge ornate ghost pipe fish and lush black coral forests. But the most remarkable feature of this site is the amazing number of invertebrates! Diving the FakFak/BHS area, we discovered a great new dive site at an pristine little Island with vertical walls. Another small Island had a giant Queensland grouper, a wall lush with black coral, huge sea turtles and a resident Napoleon Wrass. In addition to all the marine life Dr. Erdmann recorded, we observed a wonderpus, huge white tailed stingrays & beautiful nudibranch. FakFak is extremely rich in marine life!

:: Triton Bay > One of the highlights on this trip! Of course, we but we have to keep some of our newly discovered dive sites a secret. Diving in this area was as good as expected! Encountering dive spots with multiple wobbegongs, (one with a giant moray eel living on it), s chools of barracuda, Bumphead Parrotfish and an abundance of amazing soft corals, like no one has ever seen! A new species of lion fish that Conservation International discovered a few months ago was encountered by our guests on the last journey. Specific for these waters are the big black groupers!

Hard corals show no sign of bleaching!


:: LOBO VILLAGE > Near the site of an old Dutch Fort, is a small village with incredible scenery and rich with colorful legends.The FORT sits quietly at the base of a 3,000 + ft/1,000 m tall cliff.  This visually stunning sheer jungle cliff and surrounding scenery is beyond description with words!. Highlights were multiple wobbegongs,

:: NEW SITE > Unnamed dive site We discovered another great new dive site at the tip of a long narrow Island.  The visibility here is approaching "severe clear"   and the profusion of marine life was as thrilling as ever!   Twin spot lion fish, pygmy seahorses on about every sea fan & a white tip reef shark were certainly the major attraction of this incredible dive!

:: Timika/Pantai > Near the village of the Kamoro Coastal People, a small Island attracted Larry’s attention. Vast numbers of fish were encountered as well as another tasseled wobbegong shark. Further exploring this area, the amazed we are at this pristine, lush and un-discovered region

The sheer numbers of fish & invertebrates, is far beyond anything ever experienced. The profusion of multi-colored soft corals are a "psychedelic kaleidoscopes!" Exploration dives made near a small rock Island, had multiple bright yellow "bumpy" pygmy seahorses, some as shallow as 15 ft, a frog fish, big & beautiful un-described nudibranchs, tozeuma shrimp and lots of other "Critters". Any photographer who dives this area will be torn between macro or wide angle on every dive.
FakFak Waterfall
FakFak Rock-art
:: Air Terjun (Waterfall) > Adventure Komodo Crew noticed a scenic waterfall in the distance while sailing towards Etna Bay. Anchoring in front of one of the most impressive and magnificent waterfall imaginable, this amazing photo opportunity was gladly taken! It gushes directly from somewhere up in the lush jungle canopy into the Sea. The remoteness of this distant yet magical place makes the experience even more enjoyable
:: Etna Bay > Anchoring in front of a remote river, a muck dive featured lots of unusual macro subjects as shrimps & crabs on huge sea pens, stick pipe fish, colorful nudibranchs & juvenile trigger & file fish. Hornbills and cock-a-toos flying over and other exotic birds can be heard all around, when surfacing!
:: Some other DIVESITES (tentatively named by other divers)
>> Little Komodo > Renowned ichthyologist Gerry Allen thought it is reminiscent of
---Komodo from decades past. Soft corals
>> Walkers Patch >
The Epaulette shark (which uses pectoral fins to walk) is usually
---encountered here
>> Frantic Jack
>> Headhunters Bay
>> Fresh Water Vents
>> 7
th Heaven
>> White Rock Falls
>> Bat Cave
>> GT Rocks > A giant swim through

























































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