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Exploration Diving
The Komodo area is not well explored, and we picked our dives based on marine chart, advice from pearl divers and fishermen, and a good look at the above water structure and water movement. These were real exploration dives, and in most places we jumped into water that nobody had ever dived before. Although this is exciting and the kind of diving we like the best it means that you have to take the good with the bad.

Some of our dives dropped us into water churned up by the winds and current, or over reefs that were empty of fish or had poor coral growth. Occasionally we miscalculated the current, and were swept in the wrong direction, over bare sand. One has to make the best of these experiences. There is almost always some redeeming feature.

For example, based on some information from local fishermen and our charts, we chose a lone rock in an island group just north of Rinca for a dive. When we descended, however, we found a sparse reef with very poor fish life. The visibility was okay, but there was nothing to see.

We were about to scrub the dive due to lack of enthusiasm when a flight of at least a dozen stringrays flapped off gracefully.

When we approached their sandy lair. Then we began to look at the bare sand, and found graceful sea pens, beautifully tentacled cerianthids, and a variety of other interesting animals.

In most of this area, however, particularly in the south, it is hard to go wrong. The whale sharks off both Kode and Motang Island were the high lights of the trip, but even our typical dives in this area were excellent.