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Diving the South
Conventional wisdom has it that December is the wrong time to visit Komodo, but in our experience this is not so. Although the rainy season is well on its torrential way in the western part of Indonesia, around Komodo the skies are usually blue and the tanning sun beats down. The seas are calm at this time, and there is enough of a breeze to cool down sunburnt bodies.

Because of the prevailing winds, in the middle of the summer when most people travel, the southern islands in the Komodo and Rinca area are inaccessible. The seas are just too rough. This is the time to dive the north. But in the winter, when wind and waves are stirring up the water at the Northern sites, head south.

In December as well as late November and January - Visibility is as good as it can get in such plankton rich seas, 10-15 meters, and the coral growth and fish life in the south are nothing short of excellent.