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Diving the North
The first dive we made in the area, some years ago, was off Komodo Island's Pantai Merah, literally "Red Beach". This site is very near the old dragon feeding station, and snorkeling and lunch here was regular stop on most tour operator's schedules.

The snorkeling is excellent, over a healthy, shallow reef. Where we dove, however, was at the reef edge, where the bottom drops down to 20 meters or so.When we hit the water, the current was like a raging river. Out of the dozen divers in my group, half came right out and into the Zodiac. My partner and I headed Straight down, where the current was a bit less strong and we could grab coral outcrops.

By the time we had the situation more or less under control and could take a look around, we were surrounded by thousands of fish of every color and shape, against a beautiful background of corals, gorgonians and sponges. Although worth the struggle, this was not a dive for someone who has just completed a resort course.

We dove in August, but the best weather for diving should be around late March through early May, and again from late September to early November, but there is often current here.