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Adventure H2o is a specialist for live-aboard luxury dive travel in Indonesia and caters for individual and group live aboard diving adventures. With a backdrop of over 15 years experience in Indonesia and extensive dive site surveys, beside years spent with inquisitive exploration tours in search of the many hidden natural treasures, both above and below sea level, Adventure H 2o has carefully selec-ted and compiled exclusive dive charters to some of the most idyllic islands and finest dive locations available in the archipelago. For the more challenging and adventure laden, we now offer an exclusive choice of live aboard dive charters with voyages leading to some of the worlds most gorgeous and thriving reefs and marine habitats, many of which are located in very isolated and remote areas only accessible by boat. Diving is great fun and can be enjoyed by all. For those who have considered taking up this wonderful marine sport, there is no better place to start than in the warm tropical waters of Indonesia.
When it comes to penetrating into the crystal clear blue sea, Indonesia's diving possibilities are endless. With over 18.500 islands sprawled across a vast expanse of ocean on one of the world's most volatile volcanic belts, every island visited is a new and fresh experience. Sub merged, immaculate marine coliseums await the avid diver, offering a kaleidoscope of fish and corals, in such abundance, that many divers openly confess, never to have dreamt to see in a lifetime. Nowadays, critter hunt diving is a very popular vacation agenda and a favorite amongst underwater photographers, marine biologists and the diligent diver seeking to unveil the mystery of the brightly colored and hairy inconspicuous endemic species, many of which live in depths not exceeding 5 meters.
Today, Indonesia's convenient international flight connections and a combined proficient domestic fight network makes travelling to and within the archipelago easier than ever. Adventure H 2o will make the best of your travel dreams at very competitive rates.






























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