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Banta Island
Perhaps the best site in the North Komodo area, and dive guide Wally Siagian's personal favorite, is "GSP Point," a small bank reef just off the point of the easternmost of Banta Island's two north-facing peninsulas. The reef is the most easily located using Global Postition Satelite recievers.

The top of this sea mound lies just 6-14 meters under water, and it attracts lots and lots of fish. This is one of the very best sites to see sharks, and five species can be identified in a single dive. GSP Point is also often swarming with jacks, dogtooth tuna, and big schools of barracuda and surgeonfish. Unfortunately, this site seems to have discovered by shark fin hunters. On his last dive on the mound, Wally Siagian found several shark carcasses, sad dead bodies with their fins rudely hacked off. This is a common practice among shark-fin fishermen, who often pull in a shark, cut off its fins, and throw the still living animal back, as there is just not enough space on the boat to keep the rest of the animal. The fins are dried, but there is no easy way to preserve the rest of the animal.

The soft coral growth at GSP Point in particular is excellent, and the entire surface of the sea mound is richly overgrown with sessile invertebrates.

Banta offers several other sites, including a protected bay in the southwest, "Alcyonarian Bay", which is quite and rich with interesting soft corals and delicately structured hard corals, and "Banta Bommies".